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Briana Banks
Briana Banks
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Briana Banks A.K.A Mirage was born on May 21st, 1978, she was born in Germany.
Briana Banks got into the adult porn scene in 1999, at first her name was Mirage, she quickly established herself and made her name a well known brand. Briana burst quickly into the hardcore scene and was starring in many both professional & amateur flicks all around Hollywood. Briana Banks' hair color changed between brown and blonde, no matter what Briana's hair color was, she was always the sexiest babe around. In the early 2000's, she changed her name to Briana Banks died her hair blonde, enlarged her breast up to eye popping levels and was ready to conquer the world of adult films! After the huge change Briana Banks made, in the mid 2001 every big adult film producer in the world knew the name Briana Banks. In June 2001 Briana Banks was featured as Penthouse Pet of the month. The blonde hair, the sexy bombshell look, her astonishing performance on video, & her passion for sex all that made Briana Banks one of the world's most famous pornstars ever!
In 2002 Briana Banks signed a contract with Vivid and have been awarded "The Best Anal Sex Scene".

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The best of Briana Banks
The best of Briana Banks

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Briana Banks has made herself a unique and popular porn starlet. Her passion for the camera really shows in her work, she charms everyone watching every video she made with her busty sexually arousing good looks and fuck-me-like-a-dirty-whore approach. Without a doubt, Briana Banks is one of the hottest, most successful, famous pornstars alive today.
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